We wear it, we drink from it, we sit on it – recycled plastic is turning up everywhere.

If you are reading this, then we’re sure you too care for our beautiful planet, and would like to minimise your environmental footprint as much as possible.


ready to be reincarnated into a wide variety of goods such as stylish clothes, pillows and reusable shopping bags. Together, we can ensure that our bottles don’t finish up in landfills or in the ocean, but continue to live on through the recycling chain.


In case you have not yet joined the recycling revolution, here below is a quick breakdown as to how you can do so – it is a lot easier, and more rewarding, than you think!


(Note this section is tailored for the Cape Town region, but services like these are available nationwide)


The entire chain from collection to conversion is a rather technical and lengthy process. However, thanks to the amazing companies offering the services necessary to successfully close the loop, your job is easy: make sure you dispose of your waste correctly.


If you don’t already know about them, visit PETCO’s website to find out more about the wonderful work they are doing to grow the PET recycling culture in South Africa. In 2016, they recycled 55% of post consumer PET bottles, and their goal is to reach 70% by 2022. Since inception, PETCO’s efforts have resulted in 800,000-tonnes of carbon and over three million cubic metres of landfill space saved.



The City of Cape Town and a bunch of private initiatives are making it increasingly easier and more accessible for individuals and businesses to dispose of their rubbish responsibly, with the establishment of various kerb collection and drop off centre services.

If you live in the Cape region, there are many services you can chose from that will collect your recycling right from your doorstep. The City of Cape Town’s ThinkTwice recycling initiative offers free collection services in select areas (see below for more details). If you are not in a Think Twice pilot area, private companies can be paid a small monthly fee to collect recycling from your home.


Think Twice Recycling


A City of Cape Town initiative that offers a free household recycling service to those in the Atlantic area (all the way from Blouberg down to Hout Bay), the Northern Suburbs, the South Peninsula, the Helderberg area and Kraaifontein. Unfortunately, the CBD is not yet a part of the circuit. Waste plan and Mandla recycling are the two companies contracted to realise this initiative.


Regenize Recycling Collection 


Regenize is a new age company offering some exciting rewards to encourage people to recycle. For less than R100 per month, Regenize will collect your recycling from your home and offer you vouchers in exchange for higher recycling rates. They also incentive you to encourage your neighbours to join the recycling programme, by offering a 5% discount for every neighbour signed up in your street.


Clearer Conscience Recycling Company


Residents in areas reaching from Cape Town’s CBD to Fish Hoek can sign up to have their recyclable goods plucked right from their doorstep, thanks to Andy Conder, who founded Clearer Conscience in 2008 after recognising the need for a service that made recycling easy and convenient. The company’s trucks are biodiesel fuelled, reducing emissions significantly.


Mr Recycle Recycling Company


Mr Recycle picks up from neighbourhoods in the CBD and the Southern Suburbs, operating at night to lessen environmental impact.. Collections are on Tuesdays in areas from Muizenburg to Rondebosch, and on Wednesdays in areas from the City Bowl through to Sea Point.


There are also various drop off depots located around the Cape region where you can conveniently hand over your recycling, free of charge.


GezaKapa Recycling – Gardens Drop Off point

If you live in the CBD, there is an easy access drop off point at the gardens bowling club in Upper Orange street, an initiative of the Gezakapa recycling project, a beautiful organisation by young entrepreneurs on a mission to create a recycling revolution. Open everyday 9am-4pm.


Watch these inspiring videos below, by PETCO, that enlighten and inform about PET recycling innovations in South Africa.